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How To Choose The Best SEO Keywords

With online search dominating the world in finding general information, business services and / or product that ship to any address, it doesn’t take long to realize choosing SEO keywords can be a daunting task. Hopefully, the SEO keyword research tip below will help you get a better grasp of selecting a winning set of keywords and key phrases for your website.

Keyword Grouping and Organization

Control your SEO keyword strategy by finding various keyword groups to help build out specific (traffic building) SEO pages. What do I mean by keyword group? Well, a keyword group can hold any where from 2 to 6 individual keywords or key phrases. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to help you think of keyword groups that will require an individual SEO page for traffic building purposes.

Google’s Keyword Planner and other keywords research tools present keywords to you in a group format. For example, by searching the keyword “Urgent Care Denver CO” in Keyword Planner and viewing its results under the “Ad Group Ideas” tab, I was able to find and research 6 other potential keyword groups that may lead to its own SEO page.

My search term “Urgent Care Denver CO” falls under the “Denver Urgent” ad group / keyword group (see image below). With this keyword group in place, which will likely be the set of SEO keywords for an urgent care clinic in Denver optimizing for their homepage, I was able to come up with these individual keywords for the “Denver Urgent” keyword group:

  • Urgent care Denver
  • Denver urgent care
  • 24 hour urgent care Denver
  • After hours urgent care Denver
  • Best urgent care Denver
  • Pediatric urgent care Denver

The keywords above will be the set of keywords used for the “homepage” keyword group. Meaning, I’ll be using these keywords to optimize the homepage for the urgent care clinic in Denver. I would use these keywords within the title tag, description tag and throughout the content on the homepage. Remember, having content is Queen, but having SEO content is King!

SEO keyword research

If you have found your way to Google Keyword Planner and searched for your term, you’ll see a similar screen as the image above. In my case, I’m going to click on the “Denver Urgent” ad group / keyword group in Keyword Planner to help identify and find individual SEO keywords for this group. In this example, I would only make a new SEO page for Walk In Clinic. The other keywords groups presented in Keyword Planner are too close to “Denver Urgent” keyword group where it doesn’t make sense for us to create a separate SEO page.

Why create a new SEO page for Walk In Clinic keyword group?

Walk In Clinc, one has a lot of volume for the keyword group (2,910) and the paid search advertising world for this keyword is actually low in competition. Meaning we can potentially rank for the keywords within the first three months after the page has been optimized and the paid search traffic is generally affordable compared to other locations and health service niches. I’m sure, you don’t need to pay $8.55 per click to get traffic for these keywords. Keyword bidding on its own is a separate blog post and will be tackled by us soon. For the sake of this blog post, all we care about is SEO keyword research and how to choose these SEO keywords with an SEO game plan in place to create more pages / more traffic.


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